Više javno tužilaštvo Kruševac

Overall opennes score:0.00
Open data score:
ID Indicator Score Max
1 Consistency and updating of the official website. 0 3
2 Website search engine test - homepage phrase search 0 1
3 Is the organogram published on the website? 0 1
4 Does the website contains description of public prosecution's competence? 0 1
5 Is there CV of the Chief of Institution published on the website? 0 1
6 Is all the data, which according to the law should be on the notice board, also available on the website? 0 1
7 Is there access to online notice board on the website front page? 0 1
8 Are annual work programs/plans published on the website? 0 3
9 Are the annual reports published on the website? 0 3
10 Is there last quarterly/semi-annually report on work published? 0 1
11 Are current strategies published on the website? 0 1
12 Is the information on personnel (names, positions and contacts of public prosecution staff) available on the website? 0 3
13 Is the information on prosecutors (names and contacts) available on the website? 0 2
14 Is the information on salaries of prosecutors published on website? 0 1
15 Does your institution have any document (strategy, policy, procedure...) that deals with its openess and transparency? 0 1
16 Is there a contanct of the person responsible for access to information of public importance available on the website? 0 1
17 Did the institution conduct in 2017/2018 trainings/education in the field of access to public information? 0 1
18 Is there a notice board in the prosecution? 0 1
19 Are there guideliness for cooperation with media regarding their reporting on the work of your prosecution? 0 1
20 Are the information for which free access is approved (reposnes to FOI request) published? 0 1
21 Is updated FOI guide published (once in a year)? 0 1
22 Does the website have the column named right to access information (or other name) with the relevant FOI information? 0 1
23 Did the Public Prosecution conduct the training/workshop for civil servants on the concept of open data and instructions for using and pubishing open data in 2017/2018? 0 1
24 Is there Code of Ethics for prosecutors? 0 1
25 Is the Code of Ethics for prosecutors published? 0 2
26 Is Integrity plan or any other internal anticorruption policy (which entails measures for prevention and elimination of various forms of corruptive and unethical behaviour within the institution) published? 0 1
27 In 2017/2018, did the public prosecution conduct trainings/workshops or other educational activities for its officers on the topics such as conflict of interest/preventing corruption/whistleblowing in case of irregularities? 0 1
28 Is the mechanism for the allocation of cases implemented? 0 1
29 Did the Prosecution Office send a report on its work for the past year to the competent authority within a legal deadline? 0 1
30 Does the report of work include indicators of performance of the activity of prosecution office? (such as the number of resolved cases, number of gained verdicts…) 0 1
31 Does the annual report include information about disciplinary measures, complaints towards prosecutors? 0 1